underground faq

Is this the right site to conduct business for Detroit Techno Records & Detroit Promo TV?


Does Detroit Techno Records own all rights to the music on the label?


Can you sync/license music from Detroit Techno Records?

YES - We own all rights to the music on our label.

Can you order vinyl records direct from underground313?

YES - But, only in bulk starting at 20 records. Email: detroittechnorecords@gmail.com

For one offs we suggest using the Detroit Techno Bandcamp page. detroittechno.bandcamp.com

Do we still make physical CDs?

YES - by release (until sold out 100 press) which can be ordered on Bandcamp or if you ever visit The Bassment.

Will DTR repress vinyl?

NO - We only press 200 vinyl of any release and are using our niche to make classic limited Detroit one offs. If any additional vinyl is ever repressed it will be licensed.

Best contact for Detroit Techno Records

Mollison - djbodymechanic@gmail.com


How can you or your group play "The Bassment"?

Email: bassmentdetroit@gmail, include GUEST in the subject line and add a link to your DJ mix or live set.

Can you advetrise during the live Bassment broadcast?


Do we need Bassment sponsors?

YES - email: bassmentdetroit@gmail.com (Subject Line Sponsors Info)

Do we also simulcast on Deep Space Radio every Sunday?

YES and we are also open to work with others.


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